Speak German in your family!

Learn German with 

 smile  Music, Rituals and Play  smile

November 13th – December 11th 

“We’re using German phrases everyday!
A week before, I didn’t know a single word!”

“My only concern: Will I be able to keep up with my kids?

They are learning so fast.”

“I love that we have a hobby that we can share.

It’s so much fun for all of us.”

Is this you?

If you are reading this, then I think it’s important to you that your children learn languages and can interact with people from different cultures. You want to pass on your passion for languages and show your children how diverse our world is. 

At the same time, you also know that language learning is a marathon, not a sprint. And you’re having doubts:

How am I supposed to support my child when I am not sure about the pronunciation, etc.?

How should there be room for another appointment during the week? 

Isn’t my child too young to learn a foreign language?

What if I don’t know any German speakers around me?

FUN learning German

Our most important goal: Children (and parents) need to find German learning fun! When kids are engaged, they will learn with ease!

“German with fun” is designed to give you enough structure to understand the language and provides at the same time loads of surprises to keep your learning journey fun!  

PARENTS and KIDS are a team

We truly believe in the power of the parent-kid relationship. In the early years, parents and children have so many opportunities to bond and to play, sing, have fun together! We support parents to use those moments as German learning rituals – even when you start learning German yourself.

SMALL steps

You don’t become a marathon runner the first day, but you can get there by taking your first steps.
“German with fun” is designed in brain-friendly, small steps and makes it possible for you to progress at your own pace. The activities are very short and can be integrated very easily in your daily life.

Not only words, but a LANGUAGE

In “German with fun”, we do not only learn isolated words, but a language! Language learning doesn’t mean knowing colors or numbers without context, it needs meaningful interaction.  

That’s why we focus on interaction between parents and kids!

Learning with all your SENSES

The most effective and natural way of learning is when playing and exploring the world with all our senses. Therefore, “German with fun”  is full of music and movement!



The lessons in our program follow on each other so that you achieve fundamental knowledge of German by following the steps.
Your child didn’t show interest in one of the lessons? No worries. The words and phrases used will be repeated in various contexts.


“German with fun”  is not just any online course that leaves you alone with your questions. Get all the support you need in our exclusive facebook group and from a teacher who cares about your progress.

Are you ready to set the foundations for your childrens’ German learning? Then this is your chance:


German with fun, 
the 4 week course for parents and children,

is opening its doors again.


Starting on November 13th, we will create shared experiences that your children will remember for a lifetime. And yes, … we’ll learn German in the process! 


8 activity packs with creative and fun activities for the whole family.
Get 2 activity packs a week full with songs, games, rhymes and inspiration for daily German rituals that will enrich your daily life!


Weekly live music classes for parents and children
where you can interact with me and other German learning families!
When: on Tuesdays 10am/pm or Thursdays 6pm (you can choose the dates at the check in)

2 q&a meetings for parents in my ZOOM-Meetingroom
where you can come up with all your questions and exchange with other parents!
When: on Wednesday November 25th at 10am CET and on December 9th 10pm CET.

Input to practice your own German skills in our exclusive facebook group and on the platform. 

Professional feedback and tips to improve your German skills.

Answers to all your questions and exchange with other parents in our community.


You have families from all over the world in the group wanting to learn german as a foreign language as a family. Great teacher, great materials, fun for the whole family.
Renata N., Hungary

Laura G., USA


It’s absolutely worth it to join Brigitte’s course. It gives the push kids need, the songs are easy to learn and the videos are made, to wake the interest of kids to learn German. It’s a great way, to introduce German to kids.

Andrea B., Hungary