Willst du 1:1 mit mir arbeiten?
Do you want to work with me individually? 


 If you want a tailored 1:1-German learning experience (for you or your children),
I can help you to reach your personal goals.


You are right with me if you have a goal in mind. What goals could that be?
You may want …

.. to finally see and understand a German film in the original!
… to prepare your partner and your family for a move to Germany.
… to finally have a conversation in German without breaking out in a sweat.

 … to pass an important exam.
… to look for a job.
… to support your children in the German school.
What can I offer you? 
– An analysis of your status quo in our first call and a clear structure that you can follow. 
– Fun, enjoyable classes that focus on your interests and needs.
Super bonus:
– The opportunity to take part in my group courses with the possibility to exchange in an exclusive Facebook group, group meetings and other welearngerman events.
Do you feel like learning German with me?
Then contact me for a short call and
I’ll tell you what next learning steps are necessary to achieve your goals!