“We’re using German phrases everyday!
A week before, I didn’t know a single word!”

“My only concern: Will I be able to keep up with my kids?

They are learning so fast.”

“I love that we have a hobby that we can share.

It’s so much fun for all of us.”

Is this you?

If you are reading this, then I think it’s important to you that your children learn languages and can interact with people from different cultures. You want to pass on your passion for languages and show your children how diverse our world is. 

At the same time, you also know that language learning is a marathon, not a sprint. And you’re having doubts:

What if my German is not good enough?

How am I supposed to support my child when I am not sure about the pronunciation, etc.?

How should there be room for another appointment during the week? 

Isn’t my child too young to learn a foreign language?

What if I don’t know any German speakers around me?

It all started with a simple idea: How can I help people who want to learn German and who have children?


Learn a language together with your children – without stress and additional appointments during the week. Instead, with lots of fun activities, songs and games that enable parents and children to have a good time together.
So if you have children and want to have more German in your everyday family life, then you’ve come to the right place!



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