Wir feiern Fasching!
Start: February 10th 2021

Let’s celebrate Carnival together!


Somehow, the prospect of Carnival – like all other festivals, celebrations, parties in the last 12 months – seems lonelier and sadder than usual.

Large parades and many people celebrating on the street seem like a distant memory.

But I think: we families need colors, music and fun! And we can have that together too. I would like to invite you and your family to celebrate this “fifth season” with me, to collect moments of happiness and – to learn German together!

For four days (yes, four days!), we will sing together, make carnival decorations, dress up and – on the last day – we will of course meet for a carnival party!

I am Brigitte, German teacher for families and mom of two incredible daughters. I love music, nature and bicycles and my goal is to bring German in your family with joy, fun and ease.

With my project welearngerman.com, I support families all over the world to discover the German language as a team and to collect precious memories together.

Fasching mit welarngerman.com is perfect for families with children up to 9 years who want to learn German as a foreign language.