Discover the German language together!

January 11th – April 11th

Your child is curious, creative and energetic, loves to move, dance
and play with friends, to discover new things and tell stories.

In our KID program we nourish the curiosity by playing with and in German and
keep the learning journey fun by singing and moving. 

With the KIDS program, you’ll

explore the world through the lense of a new language by making simple experiments, creative crafts and drawing.

games and songs

learn German through singing fun songs, interactive games and through movement.

build up simple routines and make German part of your everyday life with ease.

get  the right tips on how to develop your own German skills and foster German in your family.

ask all your questions and practice speaking in parents meetings.

The KIDS program includes: 



 10 weekly resource packs

full with songs, games, rhymes and fun experiments to support your German learning at home.

That way, you can learn at your own pace and you don’t need to worry about a fixed schedule.

10 weekly Sing mit! interactive music classes (40 minutes) for parents and children where you can sing, play and speak with Brigitte and other German learning families! 
Tuesdays, 11.30 pm Central European (Berlin) Time
Thursdays, 6.00 pm Central European (Berlin) Time

Check your time zone here!

Free access to our „Welearngerman-Welt“,

our growing online resource library with over 100 activities (videos, audios, pdf worksheets, vocabulary cheat sheets), expert interviews and online exercises to learn more whenever and wherever you want!  

10 weekly meetings for parents, the „Elternstammtisch“, where you can exchange with other German learning families and improve your own language skills.

Beginner level Thursdays, 9.00 am/pm Central European Time alternating
Intermediate level Thursdays, 9 am/pm Central European Time alternating
Advanced level Thursdays 10 am/pm Central European Time alternating  

All our parents’ meetings are alternating (am/pm) to cover different time zones. Check your time zone here!

Facebook parents’ support group
Can’t make it to the parents’ meetings? No problem. You can still be part of the community, get all the input and exchange with other German learning families in our exclusive facebook group.

Do you have questions? Mail us give or us a call.

It’s absolutely worth it to join Brigitte’s course.

It gives the push kids need, the songs are easy to learn and the videos are made to wake the interest of kids to learn German. It’s a great way to introduce German to kids.

Andrea B., Hungary



You have families from all over the world in the group wanting to learn German as a foreign language as a family.

Great teacher, great materials, fun for the whole family.

Renata N., Hungary

Laura G., USA