Ein Dankeschön an dich

Du hast mir sehr geholfen. Deshalb möchte ich dir deine erste Deutschlern-Aktivität als Familie schenken. Ich möchte ein Guten-Morgen-Lied mit dir singen. Du kennst die Melodie sicher! Und den Text kennst du auch bald. Solche Lieder sind ein super Start zum Deutschlernen in deiner Familie:

You have helped me a lot. That is why I would like to give you your first German learning activity as a family. I want to sing a good morning song with you! You surely know the melody! And you will soon know the text too. Songs like this are a great way to start learning German in your family:

1. weil sie kurz und einfach sind und Spaß machen!

1. because they are short, simple and fun!

2. weil sie jeden Tag wiederholt werden.

2. because they are repeated every day.

3. weil du eine schöne Erinnerung mit deiner Familie kreierst.

3.because you create a beautiful memory with your family.

Viel Spaß und bis bald!

PS: Bald gibt es etwas Cooles für dich! Ich arbeite fleißig daran!

Have fun and hear you soon!

PS: There will be something cool for you soon! I am working hard on it!

About Brigitte

Experienced teacher

I’m here to bring the German language into your family – through music, games and shared experiences. I know what you think: “Learning a new language with my kids to be fun? How exhausting!” 

But from my experience with families from all over the world,  I can tell you there is a way for both kids and parents to enjoy learning new language from the comfort of their home and without any pressure.

With my project welearngerman.com, I support you to learn German together!

My Approach

When I just started welearngerman.com, I had only one vision in mind: I wanted to show everyone that it’s possible to share your love for languages with your kids. It is not only possible, but it’s so easy and rewarding for both of you and your children.

Unique Framework

We are not a course, we are a community. You will meet here other like-minded families with whom you can share the process of learning. All learning can be done at your own pace but there is always a support out there if you need it. 

I’ve helped many families to learn German and I want to help yours too.